Optometry Today- Is Your Child Ready For Contact Lenses?

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If you have a teen or pre-teen child who wears glasses, chances are you might have had the ‘contact lenses’ discussion with them. Most teens wish to go for contact lenses due to the obvious benefits over glasses, but is your child ready? As a parent you might be wondering if it is safe for children to wear contacts. Well, it most certainly is, according to ophthalmologists; the perfect age for a child to start wearing contacts is between 11 and 12.

Fine Vision

The reason why contacts give a sharp vision is that they sit directly on the eye, offering a clear view with less distortion. Contacts also give users a perfect peripheral vision, which isn’t the case with glasses. The frames of glasses block certain angles of vision, forcing the wearer to turn their head more often.

Self-Esteem And Confidence

Teens and children want to look good among their friends, they wish to standout. That is the reason most teens despise glasses as they look slightly bulky. Contacts can help boost the confidence and self-esteem of your child, resulting in better performance at school and a larger, better social circle.

Beneficial For Sport Loving Teens

Does your child love to play sports like football or basketball? If so, contacts can help get over some of the most annoying things they might have to face with their glasses. Glasses tend to slip down the nose due to perspiration, and they fog up as well. However, this is not the case with contacts, as they provide a better peripheral vision and there are no hassles. Your teens can also put on protective eyewear if they use contacts.

Sense Of Responsibility

If you have problems getting your child to do things like brush their teeth, wash their hands or other personal hygiene responsibilities, then you might have to think again. Contact lenses require the utmost care to minimize risks and complications, be sure your children understand that they need to take care of their contacts themselves.

Other Risks

One of the biggest risk behind children wearing contacts, is the risk of infection. Eye infections can happen due to improper cleaning and debris buildups in the eye. Over-wearing the lenses might also cause serious complications like potentially blinding corneal ulcers.

If you wish to get contacts for your child, you will need to visit an experienced children’s eye doctor, who will conduct a test to check if your child is an eligible candidate. Allergies and other conditions like dry or itchy eyes might also require special measures to wear contacts.

Just be sure that your child understands the risks and responsibilities that come along wearing contacts. If you feel they are not yet responsible enough to wear contacts with care, then it is better to stick to glasses for the time being!

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